Hi All, Welcome to my Blog!
It’s a place where I can share stories about myself and others, mainly women, and why we choose to carry concealed weapons. I have been a stylist and makeup artists for 15 years and even worked as a colorist for a global hair color company that required me to travel often, mostly alone.
I’m hoping to give a different perspective on reasons women should want to choose to be in charge of their own protection and safety.

One of the problems I had when I first began carrying was finding carry friendly fashion that wasn’t covered in real tree camo or looked too tactical. Don’t get me wrong, I actually grew up hunting and own several varieties of camouflage and tactical gear, however it’s not something I like to wear daily. So began my journey to incorporate carrying into my daily life and style, because I think designer bags, beachy hair waves and guns do coordinate. This is my attempt  to bridge my two worlds together and hopefully help others like me find the right balance in being safe and fashion conscious. I hope you enjoy!